Meet Pastor Wongee Joh
Rev. Wongee Joh received her Master of Divinity degree from Drew Theological School in 2008. She served as a hospital chaplain in the Spiritual Care Department at Vassar Brothers Medical Center for many years. She served as the Chairperson for the NY-CT District Council on Ministries and currently serves on the District Committee on Ordained Ministries. She serves as the Vice Chair of New York Annual Conference- General Board of Church and Society. She continues to serve on the steering committee of Methodist in New Direction. She served on the Board of Directors for local non profits in her local ministry contexts. She is passionate about God’s healing and restorative works in the world and participating in ministries of peace and justice that bring about such transformations. She seeks exposure to diverse experiences and ways of relationalities that bring forth new possibilities and creative changes.  Pastor Wongee finds joy and peace connecting to God’s movement toward just relationships for all creation and participating in the kin-dom of God. She loves to praise, pray and preach!

Meet Pastor David Collins
Pastor David is from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and grew up attending Socastee United Methodist Church. He is a lifelong United Methodist with aspirations to serve in parish ministry. Previously, he served as Co-pastor of the Delaware Headwaters Parish, a newly formed parish he helped to establish by bringing together four churches with the guidance of the district superintendent. He and his wife (Co-pasotr) have two daughters, a three year old (Veronika) and one year old (Viktoria).  His favorite parts of ministry are the youth ministry and the administrative aspects of the church on a local level, as well as the district level. 
Meet Pastor Romana Abelova (Romi)
Pastor Romana was born as the first child of L’ubica Abelova and Frantisek Abel of SlovakiaHer sound family background, mutual support, and unconditional love helped to form her into the person she is today. Her parents offered enough space for my personal learning and maturing, while providing stablility, guidance, and direction. Their openness and honesty inspired her to be open and honest with people she encountesr. She learned to be accountable for her actions and take responsibilityfor her mistakesand further learned from her parents how to walk on the path of active involovement in worship and the life of Christian community.
Pastor Romana gravitated to a call to ministry in high school when, after a time of prayer and discernment, she became a seminary student  at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia, and spent the first two years of her university education. Afterwards, she spent an academic year at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, and Moravian Theological Seminary. In June 2011, She graduated with a Master’s Degree at Comenius University.
Pastor Romana has been married to co-pastor, David Collins, since Febraury 2009 and they have two daughters, Veronika and Viktoria. Parenthood coupled with ministry has been a life changing experience for her as well as a blessing and a gift, for which she is very grateful to God.
Over the last nine years, she has been involved in several ministerial settings including volunteering in a German diaconal center consisting of several nursing homes and a hospital. That time in Eisenberg, Germany helped her realize the importance of ministry of pastoral presence, which has remained one of her favorite parts of ministry until this day.
Being involved in ministry centered on social concerns is rooted in her belief that any follower of Chirst, especailly clergy, is called to always step out of their comfort zone to experience true life and to strive to make a difference. She enjoys working for the betterment of Christ’s Holy Church and the formation of effective disciples of Jesus Christ who long and desire to be part of transformative ministries.

Meet Pastor Enock Yatri
Rev. Enock is glad to be part of the NOW Cooperative Parish clergy team.  He is also currently serving 1/4 time at Hudson Highland Cooperative parish.  His wife, Rev. Iwy Patel-Yatri, is the pastor of Shrub Oak UMC and they are blessed with a son, Evan.
Rev. Enock was born and raised in India; actively served as musician, youth leader and vacation Bible school teacher in his hometown church. He answered God’s call to ministry at the age of 21 and voluntarily served as an evangelist, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ among the Hindu communities. After his theological study, he was dually appointed by the Bishop of the Methodist Church in India to serve as a teacher in the local Methodist Seminary and as Pastor to a congregation.
After marrying his wife in 2003, Pastor Enock relocated to the U.S. and pursued ministry in the United Methodist Church. In July 2008, he was appointed as Pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Ansonia, CT where he served until 2013. During those years he also served as chaplain in Bridgeport Mental Health Care Center and found it a humbling experience to serve people struggling with mental health and drug addiction issues. He joined the Life Choice Hospice chaplain ministry in 2013, and, until their move in July 2015, Pastor Enock provided pastoral care to people with terminal illness and facing end-of-life issues.  He is currently in the process of Elder’s Ordination and is preparing for his final Elder’s Interview with the Board of Ordained Ministry in November 2016.

In his varied ministry experience, he learned that God is faithful even though sometime we are not. God loves each one of us and is always ready to lead us and mold us in God’s image. God knows where to lead us and how to use us for His glory and purpose.

Rev. Wongee Joh               
office hours in Brewster Thursdays & Fridays 10:30 - 1:30
Monday is Pastor Wongee's Sabbath

Rev. David Collins               
office hours in Carmel Tuesdays & Wednesdays 9:00 - 11:00
Friday is Pastor Dave's Sabbath

Rev. Romana Abelova             
607- 374-9255
office hours in Purdys Tuesdays and Thursday 9:00 - 11:00
Friday is Pastor Romi's Sabbath

Rev. Enock Yatri                 
available by appointment
Monday is Pastor Enock's Sabbath

Bonnie Hyatt, CLM                   

Retired Clergy, Rev. Jin Kim      


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