First United Methodist Church of Brewster - Church History

First United Methodist Church has a history that goes back to the circuit rider days.

The First Methodist class meeting was held in Sodom in 1830 in the home of Isaac Hall.

Four years later two circuit rider preachers, David Holmes and Alonzo F. Selleck, organized the First Methodist Society. It was incorporated as the Doansville Methodist-Episcopal Church on January 20th, 1835. The name was changed in 1852 to the Heddingville Methodist-Episcopal Church in honor of Bishop Hedding.

The first church building was a plain wooden structure that was built largely by the members themselves. Some of the members contributed lumber from their own woodlands, cutting it and drawing it with their own teams of horses. Even so, a debt of $500 remained. When the holder of the mortgage threatened to foreclose, a young man named Albert Brush withdrew his savings from the bank and paid off the mortgage.

A new, larger church was built on the current site in 1863 and dedicated on January 27th, 1864.

In 1867 the church's name was changed to First Methodist-Episcopal Church of Southeast. In 1939 it was changed to the First Methodist Church of Brewster, and then in 1968 it assumed its present name.

The church was designated a historical landmark on May 23, 1976 as the first church built in the Village of Brewster.

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